FATS NOVEMBER (THINKING ABOUT RELIGION) is a sonata (quasi fantasia) in one movement for solo piano. Years ago (early 80's), a composer friend suggested that someday I compose a piece that sounded like the way I improvise when I just sit at the piano and play without thinking about it too much - a rock/roll/gospel piano guy who thinks in a world of more modern techniques and sonorities (even if I can't really play in that style very well nor with enough technique) - trying to be honest about it all, whatever that might mean, in a universe that thinks about Elliot Carter and Fats Domino in the same breath, with all due respect.  In November, 2012, I composed FATS NOVEMBER in that spirit. No one has tackled it yet - someone will eventually and hopefully enjoy the rock/roll/gospel universe and the thornier passages as well. 

Meanwhile, here's a digital demo (using finale playback) of the first seven minutes - enjoy - 

Click here to see the full score -

And contact me directly with any questions and if you'd like to hear a demo of the whole piece.

AND - click here for TUESDAY, my short sonata for Toy Piano - premiered by Mark Robson as part of his Piano Spheres/Music@Boston Court in Pasadena on 5/8/15.