the great escape and stalag luft iii

Tunnel Harry at Stalag Luft iii, site of The Great Escape

On September 14, 2018 I spent a day in Zagan, Poland -

the site of Stalag Luft iii from which, on March 23-4, 1944,

76 prisoners of war escaped in what is now known as

THE GREAT ESCAPE - immortalized in the film

In the end, 3 successfully escaped, 23 were brought back,

and 50 were executed - a major war crime.

The path of their escape -  tunnel HARRY  - is in this photo  -

100 yards long, it was 30 feet down, dug through sand. 

Also on this page - two short films made with (and thanks to)

my good friend and Zagan resident Monika Parker -

as well as other photos taken during my day there.

Tunnel Harry in the distance
Entrance to Tunnel Harry
German soldier in Tunnel Harry, 3/25/44
Tunnel Harry exit
Stalag Luft3 theatre.JPG
Stalag Luft3 theatre-hat.JPG
photos-click each for info & to enlarge
Back of Hut 104-Harry in the distance
Harry exit-1944.jpg
Stalag Luft iii-cooler
Hut 122, behind 104, where R. Bushell stayed
Description of escape posted at the Tunnel exit
STALAG LUFT iii - model_edited.jpg
Harry to Railroad-map.png
approaching the train station in Zagan
Zagan train station
a section of cement from hut 122 and sand
MODEL CLOSE UP_edited.jpg