Tom Stoppard's ARCADIA

Music for Tom Stoppard's ARCADIA

"Roth’s insistent yet wistful piano music serves as aural hinges between the two centuries. 

The final waltz is a dance to the music of time that sends you soaring." (Steven Winn/SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE)​

I composed the score for the West Coast premiere/American Conservatory Theatre production of

Tom Stoppard's great play ARCADIA in 1995, directed by Carey Perloff.  

The score won the Bay Area Critic's Circle Award, and I was able to expand upon and in some cases orchestrate the score as it evolved through productions in Seattle, South Coast RepertoryAtlanta (Alliance Theatre)San Diego (Patte Award Winner), Sacramento, Chautauqua, and finally once more in San Francisco for Carey Perloff's new production (2013). The score has also been used for recent productions in New Zealand, New Jersey, North Carolina (2015),  

featured in the Studio61 production, Wolverhampton, UK (2017), the Concord Players (2018),

and the Endellion Theatre, Thurlstone, UK (2018)

Trailer for the 2013 ACT production


Working on ARCADIA led to two additional

collaborations with Tom Stoppard,

composing the scores for the American premieres


both at ACT, both also directed by Carey Perloff.

For further information and excerpts from the

ARCADIA score, and to obtain permission

to use the score for a production, 

please contact me directly.