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Beach Road Studios - great studio in Goderich, Ontario, run by the incomparable Siegfried Meir, where I recorded and mastered TWELFTH NIGHT

William Bolcom - composer, my teacher from the University of MIchigan

Justin Ellington - good friend, composer and songwriter, colleague and collaborator

Amy X Neuberg - one of the most interesting and unique composers and performers I know​, I encourage all to check out her music
Randy Newman​ - composer, songwriter, a great mentor and friend
Dan Moses Schreier​​ - great composer and sound designer, a good old friend and collaborator

Spence-Thomas Audio - great mix studio in Toronto, run by my pal Richard Spence-Thomas, where we mixed the TEMPEST & 12​TH NIGHT films

​Peter Sprague - I've recorded most of my music with Peter for the past 20 years at Spragueland - great ​musician, composer, & one of the finest guitarists in the country.

Mac Wellman - great writer and theatre artist, a collaborator for many years
Willow Pond Films (Peter Miller, Amy Linton) - my good friends, the director and editor and co-producers of JEWS AND BASEBALL




Composing for AIDA TRUMPETS (in Ab & B)

links to websites about artists and friends who have meant the most to me -

With guitarist Peter Sprague & cellist Steve Erdody

 Accompanying ZERO MOSTEL at a charity event (1973) -

click for a second photo

Not a great photo (of me), but great to work with these great friends (and my CD is in the background)

Fanfare players Mary Jay, Rob Stone, Steve McDade, Kate Stone - with Aida Trumpets, HENRY V, Stratford Festival (2012)​

Whenever I'm with pianist  ​Mike Lang someone takes our picture,

including  Bonnie Perkinson, after seeing 200 MOTELS  - 

click for a photo​​ of ​Mike with ​Frank Zappa, recording LUMPY GRAVY

(back when he was one of the only piano guys who could actually play it!)​

My great-grandparents,

near the deli they owned in Paris,​ circa 1910.

Leonard Rose, Glenn Gould, Oscar Shumsky on the Stratford Festival Stage,

circa 1961 -  I walked by this photo outside of the Green Room at Stratford

everyday at Stratford, and was always humbled by the thought that I was

walking on and composing for the same stage that Gould had years before

Charles Ives Xmas Carol Holiday Video - 2016


Click for some thoughts on the remarkable DAVID RAKOFF -RIP

With Winston photo by Herb Siquenza

Remembering a strange gig - thoughts on ​David Copley RIP-

Arranging a medley for a firework display for the

Copley Press Party, preceding

the Republican Convention - 1996

The Hendrix/Mash-Up sections from the Copley Fireworks Medley

also including Laibach, Orff, and Mussorgsky

Allen Ginsberg Early Sonnet - for inspiration

“I'd be more willing to accept religion, even if I didn't believe it,

if I thought it made people nicer to each other

but I don't think it does.”
― Andy Rooney - Sincerely, Andy Rooney