Two more clips from YOUR NAME HERE (2008), Matthew Wilder's film featuring Bill Pullman's award-winning performance and Taryn Man­ning;

music performed by Sara Parkins (violin), Stephen Erdody (cello), Tom Heasley (tuba/digeridoo)

Frick escapes/Chase Scene - from YOUR NAME HERE (2008)

Bill Pullman, Emmet Walsh (who have both been  injected with the same 

hallucinatory drug) in a chase scene from YOUR NAME HERE

Final Song from YOUR NAME HERE (2008)

Final Song & Finale - William J. Frick (Bill Pullman) watches as his long lost (and dead)

little sister Laura (Adair Tishler) sings at his own memorial concert, and the film ends

"I Surrender Dear," sung by Madonna and Jennifer Grey, in Howard Brookner's film - ​

music direction/vocal arrangement - Michael Roth

from ROMEO & JULIET ARE DEAD - a work-in-progress/Romeo & Juliet Fantasy

THE TEMPEST - Stratford/Bravo - with Christopher Plummer (2010-11)

"Roth adds a modern musical twist that captivates with stunning power" (Toronto Rvw)

Excerpt from RENAISSANCE MAN (1994), a film by Penny Marshall, with Danny DaVito, featuring a scene from Shakespeare's HENRY V, drum score composed by Michael Roth