Imagination Dead Imagine - all

music/theatre piece for string quartet, recorded voices & laptop

I'm in the process of editing a complete performance film of IMAGINATION DEAD IMAGINE, combining and editing together the films of all the performances from San Diego, Pasadena, and Prague. Until that film is done, hopefully by late 2020, these two will be posted. These are both one camera shoots, so a bit static - hopefully when I edit them all together the look of the three very different spaces will add a visual dimension missing for now -- 
this is the performance from the European premiere in Prague, September, 2018 - Cafe Celetna, Charles University - music and voices studio recorded and mixed - 
performed by Quartet Nouveau
introducing the Prague premiere - 9/13/18
Edward Beckett, Michael Roth & Quartet Nouveau - Prague-post-performance, 9/18
with Edward Beckett - Prague
Imagination Dead Imagine - San Diego world premiere  - June 2017

IMAGINATION DEAD IMAGINE - opening for reference - San Diego

IMAGINATION DEAD IMAGINE - end for reference - San Diego