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JEWS AND BASEBALL (2010-PBS) - a film by Peter Miller, written by Ira Berkow, edited by Amy LInton;

Narrated by Dustin Hoffman, featuring Sandy Koufax and many others - click to see the film


​Music produced by Michael Roth and Peter Sprague, recorded at Spragueland Studio, Encinitas, CA;
Musicians:  Batya MacAdam-Somer (violin), Ashley Walters (cello); John Reilly, John Rekevics (reeds); Dave Pollock,

Karl Soukup (brass); Duncan Moore (percussion); Peter Sprague (guitars); Michael Roth (keyboards).

Henry Ford's shocking anti-semiticism

The first Jewish ballplayers, the Black Sox, and Henry Ford

Farewell Waltz for EBBETS FIELD

The Dodgers move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles

Sandy Koufax and Yom Kippur

Koufax's decision not to play in the World Series

on Yom Kippur, narrated by Dustin Hoffman.​

Adam Greenberg​​​

In 2005 Adam Greenberg, in his first at bat as a pro, saw one pitch, and was hit in the back of his head by a 92 mph fastball that kept him out of the majors for 6 years.