(work in progress - coming soon)
                         when there was the possibility of presenting the piece in 2021, we created this trailer -                    
                      though there was no way to present it then, this trailer does offer a suggestion of what                  
                      THE GOLEM OF LA JOLLA will be and a hint of how it might sound too -                   
Golem of La Jolla-WOW reading.jpg

THE GOLEM OF LA JOLLA - early reading/performance -
WOW Festival, La Jolla Playhouse - 10/19

The Golem's ladder - Old-New Synagogue,

the Old New Synagogue in Prague - with the Golem's escape stairs

site of the original Golem legend

additional material and reference
work in progress - text by Allan Havis
more information and demo recordings coming soon - 
feel free to
contact me with any questions